Unity through food


Nottingham is blessed with vibrant and energetic people from all cultures, communities and backgrounds, determined to establish a solid and responsive, sustainable local food system. Just one example of the power of community and committed individuals is that Nottingham is set to become the UK’s first social eating capital, led by award winning social entrepreneur Marsha Smith, founder of Super Kitchen.

The formation of Nottingham Good Food Partnership (NGFP) is the culmination of the work of many years and many people who share a vision: to enable everyone in the city – and its millions of visitors – to enjoy access to locally sourced, affordable food.

Underpinning all our aims is the vision to create a compelling business case, that demonstrates through verified indicators and social impact values that NGFP is a vehicle that can provide a solid return for social investors.

We look forward to working together towards a truly sustainable food city.

Penney Poyzer
NGFP Chair

Our Roots

In 2016, Nottingham Green Partnership supported a call from its food sub group members for The City of Nottingham to join the Sustainable Food Cities Network. Sustainable Food Cities Network, helps people and places to share challenges, explore practical solutions and develop best practice in all aspects of sustainable food.

The key themes of SFC were seen as the best route forward to join together and strengthen, the wealth of local food activity taking place across the city and importantly, to learn from the success and experience of the SFC membership. SFC has over 50 members, including Good Food East Midlands, the first region to achieve network membership.

SFC has now extended its work beyond the UK: Nottingham’s membership will provide the city with the opportunity to share its wealth of knowledge and food history with an international audience.


A Sustainable Food System

NGFP, as part of the Sustainable Food Cities (SFC) Network, aims to create an economically vibrant, sustainable food culture enjoyed by citizens and visitors alike. This vision of a fairer food future will be coordinated by NGFP and delivered by its stakeholders. Guided and inspired by the 6 key themes of the Sustainable Food Cities Network, the NGFP action plan framework incorporates the first step toward creating an holistic local food system for the citizens of Nottingham and in time to the County.


Commitment to Eradicating Food Poverty

Tackling food poverty is our priority theme: it is vital that we create a fair local food system that ensures surplus food is redistributed to where it is most needed. For the food system to be sustainable, land needs re-imagining and re-purposing for pesticide-free, seasonal food growing, to compliment and expand upon the existing network of neighbourhood and community food growing sites and projects. 

NGFP aims to provide a voice and platform to the groups of individuals serving up food to communities and citizens for free, and to the rapidly expanding network of social eating spaces, which provide not only invaluable places where people can access affordable food, but counter loneliness in the process, thorough the creation of positive social connections. To eradicate the injustice of hunger we must radically increase access to affordable, local, nutritionally dense, good mood food.

A case for making Nottingham A Fair Food City