Nottingham Good Food Charter

Good food is vital to the quality of people’s lives in Nottingham. By promoting healthy and sustainable food as part of a thriving economy, The Nottingham Good Food Charter aims to improve the health and well-being of all and to create a more connected, resilient and sustainable Nottingham.

All organisations and individuals are welcome to sign up to the Charter.

As a signatory to the Charter, I am committed to supporting the aims of the Nottingham Good Food Plan:

  • Promote the importance of healthy and sustainable food to our diverse communities
  • Commit to eradicating food poverty and diet-related ill health by increasing citizen’s access to affordable, healthy food through socially innovative growing and eating programmes
  • Build on the historical wealth of community food knowledge, reclaim lost skills and revitalise undervalued assets
  • Catalyse a vibrant and diverse, sustainable food economy that expands local food production and shortens supply chains
  • Transform the relationship between catering and food procurement that prioritises local supply
  • Work towards a circular food economy, radically reduce the ecological footprint of the food system and aim for zero edible food waste.

Sign the charter